Clash of Avatars Game


Clash of Avatars fun set online game in a world of daydreams. Where game players create new characters. Those characters are based on anime or cosplay. Avatars are only focuses on fun and laughter. On a very colorful and amazing characters. These characters contains are adorable and increasingly powerful fantasy mounts such as dragons, companions, and adventures.

Clash of Avatars is the absolutely free to play web-based online game. It contains simple controls and ease of play that has virtually unrivaled in the world of online gaming. It’s happy, easygoing fun with a splendid and cheery anime style that is obvious notwithstanding when you’re hacking through high scores of adversaries. Play it alone or with friends and appreciate the completely open and differing group by flaunting one or with five moving moves!

Clash of Avatars Game

From battle quests to epic arena dance-offs, Clash of Avatars focuses on fun, not on an endless cycle of kill monster, get treasure, repeat. You will also enjoy clash of kings battle game. Clash of kings is the best award winning battle game in 2018.


Players in Avatars select a character. A Mage, Priest, or Warrior and then enter the game to begin the quest line. Furthermore discover the new secrets in this colorful new world. Anime, K-Pop, and dragons, and many new characters are mount up.

Clash of Avatars Game Controls

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I love this clash of kings game very much. Because it's a best fighting game for mobile phones. I know now there are clash of clans also available but clash of kings have there own strategy. Play the clash of kings online game now and make a fancy kingdoms.


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