Clash Of Kings Game play
Clash Of Kings Game play

Clash of Kings Online Game – CoK is the Fight against equal kingdoms, take up arms, battle armed forces, safeguard your mansion and assemble a domain with ongoing procedure due to this epic multiplayer online war diversion. Download Clash of Kings and experience the Clash of Kings dreamland of PVP medieval battle activity.

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The META of Smart Phones:

As we speak of the current meta, the world seeks EASE and PORTABILITY. The same goes for the gaming world. The trend of gaming is converting towards the smartphones There is no doubt the dominance of the PC gamer remains BUT in the current century no one has much time to spend on a computer The little time people get, They use it on playing games on smartphones. The reason is that the smartphones are easier to handle, control and manipulate You don’t need much time to turn on your phone and start the game, you can use the phone anywhere anytime

Clash Of Kings In Smart Phone
Clash Of Kings In Smart Phone


The Current Trend:

Gaming on mobile phones has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. Android games seem to hit new heights every year. With the release of Android Nougat and Vulcan API, it only stands to get better and better over time. It won’t be long before mobile sees some even more master pieces than we currently have.

 When we talk about the games for smartphones, the trend of online games is at the peak The Global Village has everyone connected to each other Out of all the other online games, The Massive Multiplayer Online games or shortly known as MMOs are the most famous ….

History OF Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) Games:

The first ever MMOs were a great hit because the world has never seen such a thing before. But as the flames calmed down a little, the gamers and the developers started to pick out the lacks and the points which could be improved The time went by and the improvement kept on going The MMOs these days are much better in Graphics, gameplay, maps and over all player support They are much more handy and easily accessible as well.


Clash OF Kings Online Game:

CLASH OF KINGS online game is the strategy type MMO RPG (Role Play Game) in which users from all over the world are connected to each other on a single platform It is a game for IOS and ANDROID developed by a Chinese companyELEX“. The goal of the company was to provide a virtual world in which the players build their Kingdoms and fight with each other to claim the enemy grounds Since its release in 2014.

Clash of Kings” has dominated Google Play and App Store with more than 70 million downloads quickly climbing the ranks and claiming the title of No.5 highest-grossing apps overall. Build the Bracks, Train and upgrade your army, Grow your Food supplies to trengthen your Army even more.. Turn your Castle into an  ever impossible target that can never be conquered by the others. Seige the enemy castles and Claim it to be your OWN.. Reach to never ending levels of strength and prove the world that you are the KING!!!

Clash Of Kings Online Game
Clash Of Kings Online Game

It features gameplay very similar to the popular GAME OF WAR, such as its RPG-style Hero, with the full ability to equip a set of armor and head into combat, or its robust Alliance system that allows players to band together and take on massive group objectives for great rewards. Despite the similar name, Clash of Kings online game has no relation to the very popular game of CLASH OF CLANS. The Clash of Kings is itself is a brand. And it’s a facebook award winning game.



Early Days OF C.O.K:

When ELEX launched the game in June 14, 2014, the game was a hit but it was never easy to keep on growing in so much competition Growing a successful mobile game is not an easy task and on a field where there are thousands of famous mobile games on top of that The developing team of “ELEX” understood the flaws and the ever increasing needs of the people They continued to improve the game and kept on adding the latest features to fulfill the needs of the gaming community and it did not took long to rise on top.





in Clash Of  Kings, you control a Capital of your own In the capital, it is your duty to handle it properly and in such a way that you continue growing stronger and better Like every other capital, there are different types of buildings to fulfill different types of objectives There are barracks, libraries, stables, farms, and mines.


Clash Of Kings Game play
Clash Of Kings Game play

When you start the game, you have a small castle with some fortune. You need to gather resources to build the castle and make it stronger. I found the gameplay quite easy. You need to gather troops, train them, defend your territory and expand. There is a vast collection of buildings that you have access to; you can upgrade these buildings and defend them.


Important Structures In Clash Of Kings Online:



The BARRACKS are where your soldiers stand It has all the weapons and armory for your soldiers The better your barrack is the stronger your army will be and you will be able to dominate over the other capitals and be able to protect your own capital as well. So make sure to keep on upgrading your barracks when ever you get the chance.



The LIBRARIES are your assets of knowledge. It is the place where the wisdom comes from The wars can not be won by sheer strength only The army with a better strategy always wins The Better your libraries are the more knowledge you will gain and better your overall POWER will be Be WISE and RISE the WISDOM !!!



The STABLES are where your Horses stay. Upgrade your stables and make them more comfortable for your horses The upgraded stables also make the armor and strength of your horses even better. The MEN on horses are many times stronger than the MEN on feet



If you want to raise the Capital, you need to feed your army as well It is when the FARMS of your capital prove their necessity. The more you upgrade your farms, the more food you will get and better the quality of your food will be If your army is bigger, you will need more food for your army



Only the number of weapons is not enough to strengthen your army, The quality of weapons does matter, Upgrade your MINES to get rare minerals If your capital has better mines, you will find rare ores and elements These minerals will help you develop rare weapons and These items can also be sold to earn a lot of money MONEY is required to upgrade everything So focus on your mines to get more money and become powerful.


Extra Features In Clash Of Kings Online Game:



You can team up with your friends, make alliances so that you never feel alone in the online world of Clash of Kings … Your allies in an alliance can offer you help in the form of money or to reduce the construction time … You can also fight the other alliances and get a lot of extra rewards.


Research Trees:

You have an option to choose between the following Trees:

  • City Development
  • Resources,
  • City Defense
  • Military branches
  • It depends upon your preferences.
  • By developing the city, you improve your economy.
  • if you develop resources, you are at ease when ever you want to construct a building or to increase your army.
  • By enhancing the city defense, you can make your castle impenetrable. As they say “Defense is the Strongest Offense”
  • Upgrade Military Branches to make your army stronger and better.

Clash OF Kings 100M Record:

When we hear the name Clash OF Kings it gives the impression that it is a copy of Clash OF Clans, but the news proves that, on some level, that doesn’t really matter. ELEX announced today that their mobile social strategy title has broken 100 Million Downloads. This figure was reached after a mere 16 months on the market.


Facebook Game OF the Year:

Facebook Game Of The Year Clash Of Kings
Facebook Game Of The Year Clash Of Kings

 In addition to reaching 100 million downloads, Clash of Kings was crowned Facebooks Game OF the Year. It has also been top grossing in 100 countries. Chief Producer Peng Yue attributes this success to the fact that the game “works on most platforms.


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 Are you one of the 100 million that downloaded it? IF not then hurry up and don’t miss the unmatched fun!!!


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